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[Xen-users] XCP and P2V

I am quite new on XCP.
At first, i had a Xenserver server but i am looking for a full open source solution and of course I discovered XCP. Actually, i have one xenserver and one XCP server that I manage through Xencenter.

I'm trying to P2V an existing ( old Mandriva ) server to XCP.
I tried differents things, all without success.
Boot on XCP disk to find a P2V option. -> miss!
Boot on Xenserver 5.5 disk -> boot p2v-legacy -> OK
- After a while, i choose the Xenserver. Result : It said that my linux flavour is not supported! -> miss - Next try, I choose the XCP server. Result is that no implementation of P2V is provided.-> miss

Here I am.
So :
- is there a solution to P2V this server via XCP?

Thanks in advance

Sébastien Prouff

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