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[Xen-users] Help getting access to new VMs

Hi All,

Ok, I think its silly question time!

I'm not, by any means a linux newbie, but I am new to Xen / XCP.

I have installed and have running xen cloud platform on two hosts, created 
resource pool and attached a storage repository (using gluster for this, if 
anyone interested!).

I have created a vm via the centos 5 64 bit template, ran xe vm-param-set 

and ran vm-start successfully. I have also created a relevant vif and attached 
it to the vm.

The documentation says simply "VNC and perform OS installation". This is the 
step I need help with!!! From where can I VNC from as the xen cloud host isn't 
running X (that I know of) and if I were to attempt to VNC from my local 
workstation (OpenSuse 11.3) then how do I know where to VNC *to*, as the new 
vm hasn't yet got any network settings! Seems I need to figure out the chicken-
egg order of events!

I'm sure I've missed something VERY obvious, but can not think what.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,

Ciaran Kendellen

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