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RE: [Xen-users] Windows 2008 R2 64 bit BSoD

I have encountered this a lot.

I also have non-fixable exclaimations on my VBD drivers, but the system is 
working OK for me. (Win2k8-64 on xen under centos 56)

The solution I have used to fix the 7B stop error was found here

Importing the mergeide.reg as directed makes it so that it has some more 
default drivers available to it.

I have had very positive success getting mergeide to get me past a 7B stop 

I however have not have as good luck installing GPLPV.  Most servers I end up 
copying the INF and SYS files manually (the MSI rarely works 100% for me).  
Extract the MSI and right click the INF files and "Install" them manually.

Hope this helps.

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Quoting Fernando Jiménez Solano <fernandojs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello.
> I'm trying to get the lastest GPLPV binary (rev 238) working on an
> Ubuntu Server host with Xen 4, but I've got some problems. The guest
> is a 64 bit Windows 2008 R2.
> After enabling test mode and rebooting, installing and rebooting again
> (with /NOGPLPV) I can see all the Xen devices, but two (out of three)
> Xen Block Device Driver have an exclamation mark; I don't know if this
> is normal or not. More reboots do nothing, they stay that way. The
> exclamation mark error is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I've
> got two hard disks and a DVD ISO attached to the VM.
> So when I try to boot without /NOGPLPV I get the 0x0000007b BSoD.
> Rebooting directly from installation without /NOGPLPV produces a BSoD,
> too (I wasn't sure and tested it both ways). Uninstalling the drivers,
> cleaning with the .bat for 0.10 and installing them again allows the
> system to boot without /NOGPLPV, but those two devices still have the
> exclamation marks, and further reboots result in BSoD. Apparently all
> vbds are using the same driver, so that's odd.
> At first I thought this was because of that weird bug that makes GPLPV
> and tap:qcow fail, but I'm using tap:aio right now and it fails the
> same way.
> Regards,
> Fernando Jiménez.

I run Windows 2008 R2 x64 on Xen with OpenSuse. I've noticed the  
exclamation point as well and was not able to remove them.

If you run /NOGPLPV after you've installed the Xen PV drivers, you  
will not have any driver to run Windows OS, hence the BSOD.

Ken Cobler

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