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Re: [Xen-users] migrate virtual machine to another server


If the devices are in /dev/mapper you are probably using LVM.
You can use these commands to move the disks to server2 substituting
in the names of the LVM logical volume names.

# copy the LV to an image file
dd if=/dev/mapper/<vgname>-<lvname> of=/tmp/<vmname>.img bs=1M

#transfer the image file
scp <user>@server2:/tmp/<vmname>.img

#create a new LV assuming the volume group is already setup
lvcreate -n<lvname> -L<sizeofdisk> <vgname>

#copy the image onto the newly created lv
dd if=/tmp/<vmname>.img of=/dev/mapper/<vgname>-<lvname>

You should now be able to start the VM with the same configuration
file assuming networking etc is setup the same as server1.


On 14 May 2011 01:38, Ivan Bolognani <bolognani@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Good morning.
> I have a question can you help me?
> I must migrate a virtual machine from server1  to server2 but I do not know
> where to start
> files are all in / dev / mapper / but I do not understand how to move
> Can you help me posting the procedure  to do to migrate the virtual server
> Sorry for my english
> Thanks
> Ivan
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