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[Xen-users] Re: domUs don't boot correctly to end

2nd reply with that issue. I also got an delay of 2, but it seems to be not enough. I'll gonna increase it to 5.


Am 23.05.2011 11:34, schrieb Dieter Bloms:

On Mon, May 23, Mike Fröhner wrote:

since I upgraded from xen-2.6.34-r1 / xen-4.0.0 to xen-2.6.38 /
xen-4.1.0 on gentoo, I got the problem, that if I boot many domU in
a short time (like 10 domU in 5 seconds) some of them won't start
the login-shell after initing local. It is also not possible to
access them via ssh. At my last test, 3 of 9 domU got that problem.
After "xm destroy domU" and "xm start domU" again they booted
correctly and started the login-shell.

Does anybody know about this problem? I really need them all to
start up to end.

I've had the same problem after upgrade my Dom0 from opensuse 11.3 to

My workaround was to increase the XENDOMAINS_CREATE_USLEEP parameter in
the /etc/sysconfig/xendomains file.

Maybe your distribution have an equivalent start script, where you can
increase the time betweeen starting each domU.

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