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[Xen-users] PVOPS dom0 Crash During Boot Unhandled Page Fault

Xen users,

When trying to boot a PVOPS dom0 on Xen 4.0.1 F14 (I can't be sure of 
the minor version, the source RPM calls itself 4.0.1-6 but the hypervisor 
figlet message calls it 4.0.1-7), domain 0 crashes with a page fault problem, 
as per the attached serial console log. Dom 0 is built from a snapshot 
xen-304a854, using the attached config file (which is Pasi's reference config, 
as modified by make oldconfig). The hardware is an Intel E8500 running on an 
Intel DQ35J mobo. As you can see from the serial console log, F14 boots and 
runs just fine on the bare metal. I have attached the output of the dom0 kernel 
make, the config file, the serial console, grub.conf, and a cat of 
/proc/cpuinfo (run on bare metal).

I have tried other dom0 kernels and they all crash too. Any comments? PEBKAC? 
Should I bump this up to Xen-devel?



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