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Re: [Xen-users] K/Ubuntu 11.04 or DEBIAN based ditro and XEN 4.1 - Possible?


Do you have a reason to move to 2.6.38? What functionality are you seeking?
Debian Squeeze + Xen 4.0.1 + 2.6.32 stock is very stable and fast.

If you can describe what you are trying to achieve I might be able to
assist you in more detail.


On 25 May 2011 05:00, Outback Dingo <outbackdingo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Okay, well, in response to this attempt... can we say there doesnt appear to
> be
> a debian based desktop distro that will happily run XEN 4.0/4.1 without a
> tremendous
> amount of work. The closest Ive come was using Debian Squeeze, which did
> allow
> the creation of a domU and the creation of virtual image that did run using
> a cli debinstall
> method. However, it seems that moving to kernel 2.6.38 wreaks havoc and
> prevents
> kdm/kde 4.6 from running, however kernel 2.6.39 from debian testing and XEN
> 4.1 did
> actually start and load the kdm / kde desktop to working order, though it
> somehow broke
> xen networking and started tossing networking hotplug issues when trying to
> start a VM.
> As for the call to use KVM.. well we tried that and though it was simple
> enough to get it
> installed and up and running. kvm guests however are rediculously slow to
> the point of
> uselessness, a freebsd 8.2 install as a kvm guest takes upwards of 8 hours
> to do a simple
> buildworld/buildkernel... which is unacceptable. Ive run FreeBSD 8.2 fine on
> XCP in the lab
> and it responds quite normally. So the question is... how does one fix this
> for debian based
> distros ??? Theres has to be someone out there with the "key" or knowledge
> to achieve this.
> So please step forward if there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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