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[Xen-users] Distributions proven to work fine with Xen4 and DRBD?


I am about to throw away my Citrix Xenserver installation in order to give some other distribution with Xen 4 a chance.

After losing DRBD sync and not being able to resync (guests are not accessible anymore when trying to sync) my two Citrix Xenserver 5.6 Dual-primary-DRBD hosts today I decided to install one of both with version 5.6 SP2 from scratch, compiled and installed the latest DRBD and set up a local storage. And it nearly collapsed as soon as I added the device as storage: Kernel timeouts, no SSH access possible anymore, no XenCenter access.

This happened without even having tried a DRBD sync (!) so I cannot blame the network components anymore.

So I want to test some other distribution, possibly Debian 6 with Xen 4. Has someone already been able to collect experience with a Debian6/ Xen4/ Dual-primary-DRBD system? Or some other distribution?


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