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Re: [Xen-users] Custom kernel XEN

2011/5/26 Karol Chmurzyński <chmuri@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Thank all the kind users  for help but hmm its could be difficult to
>> engage the whole operation.

Yes, it is. At least for someone who has no experience in compilng
their own kernel before.

>> It's there a way to patch a kernel in deb
>> package?

In SOME cases you can create a module by compiling it out of tree, so
you'll get an additional module that can be used with existing kernel.
However not all modules can be compiled this way.

>> The best thing its to get current version form my distribution and
>> customize it, but how the Christian sa'ys apply the "debian patches" but i
>> don't see them in repository. On official Xen site i saw the third way to
>> customize kernel by editing the .config file and add some extra options.

At this point you need to do some "homework"
(1) Are you capable of building a new kernel or kernel module, or at
least willing to learn?
(2) Are you familiar with the way Debian packaging works, or at least
willing to learn?
(3) Are you familiar with the way patches work, or at least willing to learn?

Basically the different infos that you see is imply the result of
looking at the problem from a different perspective.

Official Xen site basically provides a kernel version that is
compatible for dom0. It does not really care about distro-specific
patch (like apparmor), it's assumed that either user or distro
maintainer will have the capability to add it by themselves.

Debian has the source available (see my previous post), but without
proper knowledge on how debian packaging works you won't know what to
do with them.

Which, again, is why you need to do some "homework".


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