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Re: [Xen-users] Inter VM communication

On 06/01/2011 01:26 PM, Achala Aryal wrote:
I am little bit confuse on do I have to build an external code or just
modify the xen source code for this?
Do you know any documentation related to this? I found some but all are
talking only about the performance. But I am looking for something how
to do this.


First, you've not mentioned what OS or versions you are running, so specific answers are quite difficult.

That said; Build a normal bridge in the OS, the use 'virsh' to attach a new vifX.Y interface between the domU and dom0 bridge.

I've covered the building of bridges in a RHEL 5.6 based tutorial using Xen 3.0 here, perhaps it will help. It also covers the networking in Xen in general:


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