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Re: [xen-users] XCP - Base Iso seem to contain broken packages how to proceed

Hi Denis thank you for your Help.

I tried it at the beginning, it has nothing to do with the burn process,
because mounting of that iso (in a VM) comes up with the same result.
It boots up properly, starts with the installation questions - skipping
the install source check leads the installation to a failure.
If you check the installation media it comes up with the below package
list (plus some more) which are broken.

cb9c79eb4a85c6a62bb5a4cec07afbbe  42052/XCP-1.0-base-42052.iso

downloaded file
CB9C79EB4A85C6A62BB5A4CEC07AFBBE *XCP-1.0-base-42052.iso

Files - samples
77ED70E15C595C4D63BAC81CD8D86F27 *el4.5-binaries.tar.bz2
26F4C7B296F2252BF3FC2516AAFAC68A *el5.2-binaries.tar.bz2
B6DB70108B455528747B6B32EE12BB78 *el5.3-binaries.tar.bz2
The strange thing is, that files which habe been identified as broken
have the same MD5 checksum as in the xs-repository file

<repository originator="xs" name="main" product="XCP" version="1.0.0"
<description>Base Pack</description>

Well the same happens to an older image on the download section - but
with even less files.


Liebe GrÃÃe / Best Regards

Thomas Wehr

Thomas Wehr

Am 06.06.2011 15:36, schrieb Denis Cardon:
> Hi Thomas,
>> When running the downloaded Base ISO - Installtion programm it aborts
>> due to packages which seem to be damaged:
>> el5.3bin...
>> el4.5...
>> el5.1
>> el4.6
>> dom0fs....
>> tools-iso...
>> various rpms
> during the install process, at the begining there is a step where you
> can check the integrity of your install medium. Could you try it to
> see if the cd burning is ok?
> Cheers,
> Denis
>> etc.....
>> any idea?
>> How to overcome the situation for a real beginner ?
>> Thanks

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