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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.0 Bridged Networking MAC Rewrite?

Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:

Where is that written? You should be able to put any mac you want
(well, any mac valid for a NIC anyway), so you could impersonate (e.g)
a Cisco router if you want.

The recommendation to use xen prefix is more of a best-practice to
prefent mac address conflict.

Indeed, and I know someone who's had a MAC address conflict which was apparently "quite interesting" ! This was in a University and they had a desktop refresh - it seems Dell had an "off by one" bug in their config system and for every 257 machines, there would be two with the same MAC. Of course, this would only show up if someone bought sufficiently large numbers all in one go ...

If you stick to using the Xen prefix, it just means you that you can only conflict with other Xen VMs - thus narrowing the target a bit.

At this point I highly suggest you ask your ISP. Probably they only
allow one IP address on that port. If they don't know, then I guess
the best option would be to look at ebtables.

I believe they vary considerably. Some may require you to register the (singular) MAC address that you'll be connecting. I believe most common is that (as you say) you'll be limited to one IP address (or more if you've paid for them). But, this is usually given out by DHCP or similar, and the address cannot be reissued to another device until the previous lease expires. You can either wait (a problem if the lease tiem is in hours or days), or you may have to get your ISP to reset the lease.

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