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Re: [Xen-users] XCP and Xen 4 (remus)?

On 06/08/2011 05:18 PM, bmcdowell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Iâm looking for a way to apply remus to XCP. All I have seen thus far as 
documentation from the remus camp is that it is included by default in 4x and above. XCP 
uses 3xâ

Iâve built a debian-based Xen 4 and it works marvelously, but doesnât have âxeâ 
at all.

Can I bridge the two?

Bob McDowell

I've been asking myself this question too, lately. Citrix charges for 
high-availability in its XenServer line (which is the comercial version of 
XCP), and I think it would be good to get Remus working on XCP. XCP 1.0 is 
based on Xen 3.4.3, but the soon-to-be-available XCP 1.5 beta will be based on 
Xen 4.1. I have no idea how Remus and Xapi would interact with each other, but 
I'd be interested to see someone test it out.

Also, you may be intersted to hear that we're working on getting the XCP 
toolstack working on Debian and Ubuntu systems. Hopefully we'll have a wiki 
page up next week detailing our progress and providing instructions for brave 
souls who wish to follow our efforts.


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