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[Xen-users] annoying 2 - 3 second lag every few minutes in Windows XP VM on Debian 6 Squeeze


I don't know if this is a known issue, but I couldn't find any references to it online, so I figured I'd start a topic here.

I am running Debian 6 (Squeeze), and have the standard Debian 6 Xen kernel and all the Xen support tools and packages that come from Squeeze. I've created a Xen VM on the local disk:

- dd if=/dev/zero of=somefile bs=1024k count=4000 to create the disk
- Installed Windows XP sp3 from an ISO file (standard installation with no extras).

After booting into Windows, without any updates or anything running in windows, I am observing a 2 - 3 second lag or freeze or whatever you want to call it every few minutes. This happens no matter whether I am running a "local console", or connecting via VNC to the virtual machine. During the freeze, I've got ssh shells and lots of stuff open on the server, and everything is running, so it's not the connection. Also, the machine is not on a remote server, so it's not NFS or something like that.

While running top, I observe that during the freeze, all of the Xen-related processes drop off the list (i.e. do not take up any CPU-time). There are no tell-tale dmesg messages. Here are some details of the system:

Supermicro H8DGU-F motherboard, 2x Magny-cours CPU with 12 cores each, 64GB of RAM. uname -a reports:

Linux vsrv1 2.6.32-5-xen-amd64 #1 SMP Thu May 19 01:16:47 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux

The reason I am certain this is a Xen issue, is that running the exact same VM image with qemu-kvm produces no such effect.

Many thanks for any input and/or workarounds!

Iordan Iordanov

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