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[Xen-users] A question about bridged networking

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this is a simple question but it is one I have been 
pondering and would like to get to the bottom of.

So the scenario is that I have the following kit on a network:
/24 CIDR IP range (WAN)
Layer 3 Cisco Router
Several Layer 2 Managed Switches
Xen dom0 servers connected to one of the managed switches

Xen configured with bridged networking and each VPS setup with the Cisco as the 
default gateway.

Assuming that I have 2 VPS on the same Xen dom0 server and I attempt to send 
data between the two using their IPs with the default gateway of the Cisco, can 
Xen/CentOS automatically intercept the traffic at the bridge level so that it 
doesn't have to flow beyond the xen dom0 kernel?

If so then does it happen automatically?

Any insights would be appreciated, whether a straight answer or a way to assess 
it for myself with the kit.


Iain Kay

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