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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Xen + SAN

On Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 12:25 AM, Christian Motschke
<christian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> CLVM is not a pain. You only need cLVM if you follow some rules. IO fencing,
> pacemaker and all this complicated stuff is not really needed. Only cLVM
> compiled with openais. You can even make snapshots in a cluster environment
> with the latest version of LVM2. I use this since 3 years now and never lost
> a machine.

totally agree on openais. unfortunately, last time i checked, it
wasn't always easy to install on all distros.  redhat ones are (were?)
specially set on the old GFS ways.  in the end, it's all mostly a
design problem; but you _do_ have to have all concepts very well

didn't know about snapshots working at last!  great news certainly.
how recent is that? is it available out of the box on any distro? or
do you have to compile all yourself?

> 3: do all the LVM management on the target(s), export each LV as an
> iSCSI LUN. ÂMost commercial iSCSI appliances include management on par
> with LVM, at the very least.
> This is a pain, when you have more then 100 machines, as I have.

care to expand?  i've never really used any commercial iSCSI box, just
checked that they do comply with all checkpoints, and fooled a little
on some control screens.  AFAICT, there's usually some (maybe
optional, maybe expensive) global manager console that let's you
control many boxes on the same screen.

or do you mean that it's a pain when you have many Linux-based storage
boxes?  if so, i have to agree.  it's simple only when you have a
handful of targets.  after a point, you definitely need something
else.  can be cLVM, or glusterFS, or maybe just some clever


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