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Re: [Xen-users] PCI-passthru Infiniband card panics the domU at startup

On 28/06/2011 13:12, Yan Zhai wrote:
Dear sir,

we are setting up a Xen-based computing environment, but one problem frustrated us: we can not use our Qlogic Infiniband network adapter in HVM mode, the domU kernel panic at the point of starting udev. I don't know what is wrong but actually I even have not installed the infiniband drivers when it panic, should a passthru device cause this?
The Linux kernel comes with Infiniband drivers. Just because you haven't installed OFED doesn't mean you don't have drivers talking to the card. You could try blacklisting/mv'ing them to make sure they aren't loaded at all. Make sure they're not in the initrd either.

Also, compile your kernel with debug options. Maybe a serial link debugger. See what happens. "I have a kernel panic" is pretty useless if you're looking for help. What Xen version do you run ? Which HCA model do you have ? What PCI chipset ? Have you tried in PV mode ?
Xen hypervisor we used is the package along with Debian 6.0, with kernel version 2.6.32 patched with Xen source, and I started with 'iommu=1' argument. DomU OS is RHEL6, which boots and works all right without Infiniband card assigned. The logs, pci information and dom0 dmesg are contained in attachment (So long to paste them here).

I had problems with Mellanox Infiniband cards last year. Basically, the drivers did not map PCI memory the way it should be mapped in Xen.
So can you give us some suggestions on how to activate the Infiniband card? Or do you know whether this kind of devices can be supported in domU?
Ask Qlogic. They'll tell you if they support Xen. If they don't, you'll need to get into kernel debugging or find someone who can do it for you.

Vivien Bernet-Rollande
Systems&  Networking Engineer
Alter Way Hosting

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