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Re: [Xen-users] Xen XCP - How to make WLB work?

On 07/01/2011 07:15 PM, shija03 wrote:
I have installed XCP on a series of server and we have managed to install
XenCenter to manage them, but when it comes to WLB and HA - it seems that
the opensource XCP does not have the ability of doing WLB and HA.
opensource XCP does not have wlb and HA.It is available in paid version of
citrix XenServer
Then I see also there is a web software named: Xen Cloud Control, but to be
frank I have not been able to even add a user - the uncgi program either is
not working properly or the apache configuration in the instructions is not
right - basically I get Server 500 Error.  The software looks promising, but
unfortunately the deployment/implementation is either not there or I am
missing the proper documentation on how to do this right.
I also tried this XCCS but with no luck. let me know if it works for you
Anyone knows of how to make WLB or HA work - what software (open source,
preferably is out there?)  Something that installs without having to hack
the system too much - just like there is configure/make/rpms - I don't mind
compiling code as long as things are not too 'hackish'

Thank you.
for HA linuxHA software stack can be used. I am currently trying to make it work as I found on some blogs that it can be used to make VMs high-available just like
any other process
And about wlb, I don't feel need to implement it at all because pool master roughly
takes care of it while starting the vm(but not after vm is already running)

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