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[Xen-users] [XCP] Disconnected link status of network

Hello Everyone,

I've setup several hosts with XCP 1.0 and manage it through XenCenter.
Each host has two NICs (NIC1 and NIC2), connected to different physical switches (sw1 and sw2 respectively).
After installation, Network1 and Network2 are automatically created for the two NICs.

Now I am trying to setup VLAN.
I create an "External Network" called NetworkVLAN, assigne a VLAN ID, and link it to NIC2.
On XenCenter, the Link Status of Network1 and Network2 are shown connected, but that of NetworkVLAN is disconnected.
Does this mean packets of VMs attached to NetworkVLAN can not go outside to sw2?
(i.e. These packets can only travel among VMs attached to NetworkVLAN?)
Is there something wrong?



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