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Re: [Xen-users] [XCP] XCP network and VLAN by Open vSwitch

Hello Everyone,

Sorry that I still have many questions about network of XCP 1.0 .

Can Linux Bridge and Open vSwitch coexist and work at the same time?
The command "xe-switch-network-backend openvswitch" enables vSwitch.
This means "just turn on vSwitch" or "turn on vSwitch and turn off Linux Bridge"?

"A  network is a virtual Ethernet switch on a XenServer host."
Does the virtual Ethernet switch the same as the virtual bridge created by "ovs-vsctl add-br"?

From administrator's guide, there are 4 types of network in XenServer.
It seems that only cross-server private network needs Open vSwitch, which is managed by vSwitch Controller.
(Another 3 networks use Linux bridge?)
However, XCP does not support cross-server private network.
I think it is because vSwitch Controller is a commercial product.
Does this mean Citrix does not provide XCP users a way/tool to control Open vSwitch?
Or Citrix does not plan to bring benefits of Open vSwitch to XCP, therefore does not integrate Open vSwitch and XCP completely?
XCP users only have to use ovs- commands (from Todd and admin@xxxxxxxxxxx, ovs commands may confuse XAPI) or OpenFlow controllers to complete what vSwitch Controller does?

Thanks a lot.

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