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[Xen-users] Getting Started with Xen (was Re: Xen question from Chowder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx #xen)

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 12:23 AM, Leonardo Sanchez
<absolutezero1287@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello. My name is Leo. I go by Chowder on IRC.

Hi Leo,

This is a great question for the xen-users list.

We can point you to some resources to help you get started.

You might want to start here and then ask more specific questions.



> I'm studying IT at an
> online university and their are certain tools that just work better on
> Windows.
> This is a bit of a pain for me since I'm an avid Linux user and
> staunch supporter of OSS but there's just not getting around it.
> I decided on Xen because I figured that it was a lot easier than
> having to go through the grueling process of messing with partitions,
> backing up data, and reinstalling another OS.
> I have a lot of questions about Xen but I'm not entirely certain on
> how to organize them so I think its best that I explain what I want to
> accomplish
> I want to be able to...
> -- Run multiple operating systems at the same time or only my main one
> (Dom0) if needed
> -- Share files between multiple operating systems
> -- use my VMs in a manner that will allow the underlying OS full
> access to the hardware, i.e. Windows 7 should be able to access all
> 4GB of my machine's RAM as opposed to some preset limit
> *** I imagine that running multiple OSs at once will mean that access
> to RAM has to be restricted for obvious reasons. I will, however, only
> be using one OS at a time.
> Not sure if my specs are relevant but here they are:
> Intel Core i5
> NVidia GeForce 512MB vram
> Thanks for letting me contact you. I'm currently running on ArchLinux
> but I'm a little wary about setting up Xen since I've never done it
> before. It really seems like running Xen on my laptop is the best
> option but since its my main work machine I have to be sure that I
> know what I'm doing.

Todd Deshane

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