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[Xen-users] solution to xen_pcpu_index error


When compiling dom0 kernel, I came across the ERROR: "xen_pcpu_index"
[drivers/acpi/processor.ko] undefined reference.

xen_pcpu_index is an extern function defined in drivers/xen/pcpu.c,
which will be used by processor_xen.c.    If xen drivers are not
included in .config, pcpu.o will not be generated and thus that
undefined reference will occur.

Solution: included all modules(especially drivers) required by XEN in
.config[more details in
http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenParavirtOps]. Meanwhile if
necessary drivers are not built, dom0 cannot work. Here is a reference
.config file(for x86_64): http://pastebin.com/NAV1iUG3 (thank Fajar
for providing this link)

Hope this help!


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