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[Xen-users] XCP on HW RAID - how to?

Hi there.


1)  I'm just trying now to install the XCP on Supermicro A+ platform. AMD chipset, SP5100 south bridge, embedded Adaptec RAID (vRAID). The matter is: should i keep trying to install the XCP on the RAID, or just to install it on SATA disk without RAID instead?

I am new in *nix. As I've read in DDK, the way of putting driver into the XCP looks like this: domU -> building smth there -> then adding that to dom0. But how ever can I do it with a RAID driver?

And btw - do I really need XCP-over-RAID or


2) There are drivers themselves from Adaptec RHEL3-4-5-6 and SLES9-10-11. Which to take?





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