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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.0 - prerequisites for succesfull live migration?

Which kernel are you using on DomU ?

For me, the same DomU can me migrate or no, depending only of the kernel used on it. With a pvops, I can't migrate any DomU, if I reboot the DomU with a pvops, it works fine.


Le 08/07/2011 14:15, Danilo Godec a écrit :
On 07/07/2011 11:32 AM, Mark Dokter wrote:
I had migration and save/restore issues with xen 4.0 on debian and
ubuntu. (See thread "Live migration on xen 4.0.1 fails" on this list
(dated 04/2011). I did not really find out, what went wrong. Now I use
xen 4.1 and migration works (with 2.6.38+ pv-on-hvm domUs).

Thanks, I'll try to setup a lab to test 4.1...

But in the mean time I made some discoveries:

I'm using the 'vcpus=X' and 'vcpu_avail='Y' to start my VM's with 'Y'
VCPU's, but still be able to add some VCPU's later if needed (where X is
the number of cores in my biggest server and Y is typically 2).
In this case, live migration fails.

If I omit the 'vcpu_avail' option and only use 'vcpus=Y', live migration
seems to work. However 'xm console' doesn't work after migration and
'xm shutdown' doesn't work either - instead the CPU usage according to
xentop shoots up to 100% and ultimately the DomU has to be destroyed.


PS: I'm using para-virtualisation. Would I be better off using HVM?

So this is the first problem. I wonder if there is a known problem
with this specific Xen version or something specific to your setup on

I've added the opensuse-virtual list to the CC just in case someone
can shed some light on it. (here is this message in context




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