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Re: [Xen-users] Multi headed, Multi user partially virtualized environment - feasible?

I don't really have any input for the technical aspect of this, I just
wanted to say that this sounds like a TON of fun to do.  I don't see
why it wouldn't work.  I have messed with the NComputing stuff a bit
and this sounds simular, but open!  Good luck and keep us up on how it
goes, I am for sure interested to hear about the end results.


On Sat, Jul 9, 2011 at 10:33 AM, Andreas <register090711c@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've got an idea and am unsure of how difficult/possible it would be. Its at
> least pretty ambitious.
> From the info i found, the pure linux part seems to be a bit complicated but
> seems doable, but as i have zero knowledge of xen yet, i don't know if the
> virtualized windows part will work.
> So, any thoughts or experiences on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
> Idea:
> Multimedia/IT-Infrastructure using (mostly) a single strong server and many
> "zero-clients".
> 1 Server:
> Core i7 quad, 8+ GB RAM, 4+ TB HDD, etc
> Two 3D graphics cards with 2 DVI/HDMI ports each
> A PCIe 1x  graphics card with another 2 ports
> 10-20 "zero clients" replacing all TVs and PCs in the house:
> -Cheap TFTs with HDMI port (all within the 15m maximum HDMI cable length)
> -a few HDMI matrix switches so the servers 6 graphic ports can be switched
> to the different displays
> -USB hub connected via a tree of hubs to the server
> -USB mouse, keyboard, soundcard connected to the hub
> 1-4 "virtual clients"
> VNC sessions over the network
> While idle, the displays should display the time, pictures, news, etc.
> When activated, the user gets a list of (virtualized) OSes, along with
> "internetbrowser only" or "tv only".
> When an OS is chosen, the user can work at that client as if the OS would
> have been booted on a normal PC.
> Up to 6 users could work on the zero clients at the same time (max 1 per VM
> & client).
> The direct HDMI connection, without using VNC oder network at all, would
> allow to run 3D games in a virtual windows7 at full frame rates.
> All USB hardware connected to a clients hub would be directly accessible to
> the OS in the VM, like on a local PC.
> If only a single VM is running, nearly all the RAM and CPU would be
> available for its use.
> What do you think?
> Is it possible to build such a thing, if yes how difficult/much work would
> it be?
> Is Xen the best way to go in such a szenario?
> thanks a lot for your ideas,
>    Andreas
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