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[Xen-users] Cannot boot with LVM inside Xen DomU

I have Xen 4.0 installation on Debian Squeeze. I am able to boot Xen guest based on physical partition but failing to boot Xen guest with LVM within DomU. To use LVM inside DomU, I took the following way:
1. Installed a basic debian squeeze system on a AMD64 box. Used the entire disk disk and configure LVM option to set root on LVM. The root is at /dev/Box1/root and swap is at /dev/Box1/swap_1
2. Installed Xen and Dom0 from repository.
3. Populated Xen guest image with DomO image.

When I try to run the image, I get the error that the volume logical volume is not found. I have set root to /dev/mapper/root in Xen configuration volume.
Is there anything I am missing. Has anyone used LVM inside Xen guest?

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