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Re: [Xen-users] Multi headed, Multi user partially virtualized environment - feasible?

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

AFAIK a normal PC can only accept input from one keyboard and one mouse at a time. So your biggest challenge would be to figure out how to bind a mouse and keyboard to one specific VM, then another keyboard & mouse to another VM.

One would normally use a dumb terminal for each user who needs to connect in this case, so I'm not sure if what you want todo would be possible with today's hardware.

There's no such hardware restriction, and never really has been AFAIK. Even back when PS2 (and older) keyboards were in use, there wasn't (to my knowledge) any fundamental restriction that would have prevented multiple interfaces being supported. Now it's all USB it's moot anyway - you can add something like 60 keyboards and mice (limit is 127 devices total IIRC).

The real problem is, as you say, in software/OS support to route devices to VMs.

Simon Hobson

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