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Re: [Xen-users] Multi headed, Multi user partially virtualized environment - feasible?

Rudi Ahlers wrote:

Wow, I honestly didn't know this could actually be done,and sorry for my ignorance in this regard.

That's understandable - the "PC uniformity" has a lot to answer for, and the BIOS limitations even more.

I suspect what would be needed would be a layer of middleware to act as an IO broker/router to match up the right input and output devices with the right process. I suspect that in the Linux multi-head projects, it's just been done via multiple instances of X, with each X session mapped to a specific output display and set of inputs.

As an aside, I recall when the company I worked for started investing heavily in CAD in the late 80's. When I say investing heavily, I mean eye watering amounts of cash - we weren't talking desktop workstations here !

Well actually we were talking desktops - the whole desk WAS the workstation ! In a small box in one end was the graphics processor, a big display up front, and the top of the 'desk' was a huge digitiser tablet. But, and the reason it's topical for the thread, all this was was a graphics terminal - it shared a CPU (VAX IIRC) with several other desks. In effect it was a high performance vector graphics version of the old "green screen" terminal setup on mainframes and minis. As I recall there were endless complaints about poor performance, I did hear a story that we ran about 10 heads to one processor - while the manufacturer recommend a max of 4 :-/

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