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[Xen-users] Forcing domU's to never hibernate

Hey, list --

Recently we had to reboot some of our dom0's.  We were confused after doing so to discover that some of the resident domU's had not actually rebooted.  Some of the domU's still had very long uptimes (weeks/months), despite the dom0 having an uptime of just minutes. 

Apparently, when the "shutdown -r now" command was issued, the dom0 was able to power off before the domU's were all shut down.

I'm wondering whether there's an easy to way to ensure that after a dom0 is rebooted, all resident domU's are brought up clean.  Based on my reading, it looks like the "on_poweroff" and similar commands only apply to a controlled shutdown of the domU, not to a shutdown of the dom0, so that doesn't help much. 

Xen version is 3.0.3, running on CentOS 5.6.  Any help is appreciated!

- Ian

Ian Marlier | Systems Engineer
Brightcove, Inc.
One Cambridge Center, 12th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142

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