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RE: [Xen-users] Forcing domU's to never hibernate

> Hey, list --
> Recently we had to reboot some of our dom0's.  We were confused after
doing so
> to discover that some of the resident domU's had not actually
rebooted.  Some
> of the domU's still had very long uptimes (weeks/months), despite the
> having an uptime of just minutes.
> Apparently, when the "shutdown -r now" command was issued, the dom0
was able
> to power off before the domU's were all shut down.
> I'm wondering whether there's an easy to way to ensure that after a
dom0 is
> rebooted, all resident domU's are brought up clean.  Based on my
reading, it
> looks like the "on_poweroff" and similar commands only apply to a
> shutdown of the domU, not to a shutdown of the dom0, so that doesn't
> much.
> Xen version is 3.0.3, running on CentOS 5.6.  Any help is appreciated!

3.0.3 is ancient so I'm not sure how much of the applies, but
/etc/sysconfig/xendomains contains a bunch of variables to tell xend
what to do in such situations.


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