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[Xen-users] 3.0.0 and gplpv

Pls cc: me, as I am not subscribed.

I've noticed that 3.0.0 as a backend is very slow, which is to be expected 
since the drivers were stated as being unoptimized, particularly xen-netback. 
I'm getting speeds between 10-20 Mb/s with iperf and gplpv.

However, I've noticed that the gplpv driver in my winxp domu quits operating 
after a while. I can provoke it with iperf - it will stop operating shortly 

Booting with /nogplpv is not an option. It took 45 min. to bring up my 
desktop, and an hour before qemu-dm stopped using 100% of one cpu on dom0. 
Iperf speeds were in the 2-5 Mb/s range. I even seem to be losing keystrokes 
(all of them).

James - have you tested with 3.0.0 yet, or is it too premature?

Using same config file on pvops 2.6.32 (myoung). everything works fine. I'm 
using xen 4.1.1 and 'xm create'. xl still has too many problems - see today's 
post on the secondary fork of the related thread 'Failure to create HVM DomU 
at Xen 4.1 ( kernel 3.0.0-5-generic) Ubuntu 11.10 (alpha 2)'

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