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Re: [Xen-users] 3.0.0 and gplpv

On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 04:24:10PM -0400, jim burns wrote:
> On Mon July 25 2011 3:57:23 PM Pasi wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 25, 2011 at 03:48:18PM -0400, jim burns wrote:
> > > Hi, Pasi! Long time no 'see'.
> > indeed! If you're going to XenSummit next week we can see for real! :)
> I wasn't even paying attention this year to where it's being held. I got 
> discouraged in previous years at it being held in european locations, which 
> is 
> well beyond  my means. :)

Yeah XenSummit 2011 NA is in Santa Clara, CA, USA: 
I think usually XenSummit has been either in North America or in Asia.

> > > I'm not even close to being on 'current' hardware. On 2.6.32, I get
> > > about  120Mb/s recv rate to the domu, which is fine with me. We had this
> > > discussion a couple of years ago, when I was subscribed. Same hardware
> > > as then.
> > Just to verify.. you mean 120 Mbit/sec? (which is pretty slow..)
>  Yep! That's what you get with an Intel Core2 T5600  @ 1.83GHz. We talked at 
> length about my performance when I was providing benchmarks for each early 
> version of James' gplpv drivers, and how performance was definitely software 
> limited. I'm only interested in relative differences between one platfom and 
> another, changing one thing at a time. In this case, gplpv, and my winxp 
> config, are the same, but the dom0 is different. Going from 120Mb/s (2.6.32) 
> to 20-40 Mb/s (3.0.0), and then hanging is a definite *relative* difference! 
> I'm not even concerned about the speed slowdown - just the hang. Hence, I'll 
> provide James with the tcpdump when I get more time in a few days.
> Talk to you later.

Ok. I'm curious to track down why you get such a slow performance..
Your hardware seems decent. It could be some offloading setting 
in dom0 causing trouble.. (buggy nic driver perhaps?)

If you're willing to investigate more, let me/us know :)

-- Pasi

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