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[Xen-users] About project Kronos

Hi all,
I read
Âwith pleasureÂthe announcement of theÂKronosÂproject.
Some time agoÂsomeone hadÂaskedÂif it wasÂpossible to bringÂxapiÂon debian.Â
The answerÂhad been that xapi on XCP works throughÂchangesÂin theÂos andÂthisÂmade ââit difficultÂto porting.
So the question
Âis:Âwill now beÂable to recompileÂxapiÂon systems other thanÂthe official without it becomingÂa hell?
XCPÂis aÂgreatÂsystem, but whenÂan installationÂalready exists, it would beÂgreat to useÂxenÂ+Âxapi.
FollowingÂOpenStackÂwe realizedÂthat the version officiallyÂsupported is xpcÂ/XenServer (ok ok and xen through libvirt).ÂHaving the opportunity toÂexposeÂthe same API in aÂdifferent system would be perfect.

That the Kronos projectÂhasÂas a side effectÂto makeÂthisÂeasier :) ?

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