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Re: [Xen-users] Recommended HZ for Linux DomU?

2011/8/3, Pandu Poluan <pandu@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Sorry for not replying earlier. Your email got lost in the storm known
> as my "Inbox" :-)
> Yes, I was referring to the timer frequency.
> Thanks for the reply. Will there be any disadvantage on using 250 or 300?
> (For some complicated and inexplicable reasons, when it was still a
> physical box the server performs better when set to > 100)
> Rgds,
> --
> Pandu E Poluan
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Well, increasing the timer frequency would mean there'll be more
interrupts, so your system will increase it's responsiveness at the
cost of a little overhead. If you've got many cpus then that wouldn't
be needed (for many applications) because responsiveness also
increases as processing capacity does. Also, for many (common) server
applications you may want give up some responsiveness in order to
achieve more processing. It's a compromise.
In the case of XEN, I didn't ever use another frequency than 100Hz,
but that shouldn't be a problem.

What I'd like to know from some experts is if it would be convenient
to increase the freq in dom0 in order to attend a lot of interrupts
from domU's (what sounds fair to me).

Diego Augusto Molina

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