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Re: [Xen-users] 3.0.0 and gplpv

I said:
> Rawhide kernel 3.1.0-0.rc0.git11.2.fc17.x86_64 boots correctly bare metal.
> It still reboots after the hypervisor output, tho'. It's around the time drm 
> should kick in, but putting 'nomodeset' on the kernel's 'module' line has no 
> effect.

>> I'll continue to try to get a dump closer to when xennet actually froze,
>> and post that. Hope this was of interest.

> Well, that was fast. xennet hung shortly after I logged in thru rdp, while 
> mcafee was still looking for updates. is the rdp client, 
> is the winxp domu. After a few rdp updates, and responses from 
> the client rdp, and some internet responses, the conversation becomes one
> sided, with only the domu talking rdp, and then degenerates into a bunch of 
> dns lookups.

I think the problem is solved. I tried f15's new 2.6.40-4 (renamed 3.0.0), and 
the performance problems are gone. Comparing the two config files, 3.0.0 has 
lots of DEBUG options (and NR_CPUS=512, instead of 256). I should have known 
that would be what rawhide (now f16) would put out. I'll continue to stress 
test with iperf a few more times, but it looks like this will be ok.

Thanx for your initial interest.

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