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RE: [Xen-users] about dom0 disconnection when domU reboot

Thanks. Finally fixed as I find this error in xend.log

"restarting too fast (Elapsed time: 37.758292 seconds). Refusing to restart to 
avoid loops."

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2011/8/4, Felix Chu <felixchu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,


> I have installed rpm version of xen 3.4.3+ libvirt 0.7.0-6 on my server with
> Centos 5.4 (kernel 2.6.18-238.12.1.el5xen)
> When I run reboot a domU (para virtualized Linux) by command "virsh reboot
> [vm]", sometimes domU cannot be rebooted but sometimes can, pattern is
> random.

What does the log say about? (e.g. xend.log, xend-debug.log,

> Also sometimes when domU reboots by "virsh reboot [vm]" , my ssh connection
> to dom0 will be disconnected. I even cannot ping dom0. After a short while
> about few seconds to minutes, it will resume and able ssh to dom0 again.

Can you identify the network scripts? If so you may better debug them
by putting this three sentences before anything gets executed:

## Some comment...
exec 3> /var/log/temporal.log
set -x

If the scripts are bash scripts, that will log every command executed
to the specified log file, and we will be able to trace each
networking command executed and better debug the problem.

> I tried to look at log, no special thing can be found. I suspect something
> related to the network-script provided by xen, anyone can help?
> Felix

Diego Augusto Molina

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