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Re: [Xen-users] Can't load dom0 on eeepc 1201nl

2011/8/11  <safronovilya@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Good day.
> I am trying to use xen on eeepc 1201nl.
> I use ubuntu 11.04 server, there is generic kernel already can as dom0
> and compile the xen 4.1.1.

Really? Are you sure the generic kernel kan function as dom0?

> But boot process freeze on one place every time there xen setup ISA
> identity maps.
> Please, help me to understand whats wrong in my configuration.
> lspci, dmidecode, kernel config, grub file output are attached.

Not sure about Ubuntu's kernel, but AFAIK upstream 3.0 does not
support vga console. Which means there will be no output from the dom0
kernel on your screen (serial console works fine though). Probably
that's what you're seeing.

For something as small as eeepc I'd usually recommend just using
virtualbox. Or, if you absolutely need Xen, latest
RHEL/Centos/Opensuse comes with bundled Xen which would be easier to
use for beginners.



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