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[Xen-users] Re: Xen on VMware, possible?

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Thank you for the answer.

To me, it's an acceptable limitation.

After all, the current milestone is a bootable Xen + GeDZux (my
made-up name == 'Gentoo Domain Zero Linux'). The next milestone would
be booting up PV DomUs.

When we're satisfied that the 2nd milestone is relatively gotcha-free,
we will then deploy Xen + GeDZux on a physical box, and experiment on
booting up HVM DomUs.


On 2011-08-15, Pasi KÃrkkÃinen <pasik@xxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 09:16:37PM +0800, Pandu Poluan wrote:
>> Is it possible to run Xen on top of VMware?
>> The reason is that I want to try out an installation of Xen with
>> Gentoo as its Dom0, but since I don't have an idle box, I need to test
>> it on top of VMware.
> Yes, you can.
> But since VMware does not support Hardware Nested Virtualization,
> you can only run Xen PV domUs in the Xen in the VMware VM.
> ie. Xen in the VMware VM does not see and can't use CPU HVM flags (VMX/SVM),
> so it's not possible to run Xen HVM guests.
> Latest Xen 4.2 (xen-unstable) supports Nested Virtualization.
> -- Pasi

Pandu E Poluan - IT Optimizer
My website: http://pandu.poluan.info/

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