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Re: [Xen-users] storage unplugged

babu karthik wrote:
hi have installed xcp in the two system and to do migration one system i made as server and other client , nfs storage i have created in the server and through the client i have mounted the storage and i created the storage repository through the xencenter , when i try view the common storage, i have in one sytem is connected where as in the other system its showing me unplugged , when i try to give the repair option its showing that problem in mount ........., i can able to mount it

and more over ,if want to create new vm i could not able to access the common storage and from the two system i have installed xcp, it state me that , the storage cannot be viewed ......
can u please help me sir

Yes I can help you, but not directly with the problem.

Even though you don't appear to be a native English speaker, you could try some basics - eg some capitalisation would make your posts easier to read.

But the main problem is you give so little information. Your problem description reads as "I did something rather vague and it doesn't work". There just isn't enough to go on.
I'd suggest you read this page :

But on your specific query, the things that do come to mind are :
1) Do you have basic connectivity ? Ie, from the guest, can you ping the server and get a reply ?
2) Are there any firewalls or iptables rules in place ?

1) is the first one to tackle - if there isn't IP connectivity then nothing is going to work. For 2), try completely clearing the firewall and see if that helps. I do know that NFS isn't a one step thing to enable in a firewall - you have to lock-down the ports it uses as it now defaults to using random ports and that would mean just opening everything up.

Simon Hobson

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