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Re: [Xen-users] Can you put more than one physical nic on a bridge?

I think both were probably connected to the same switch / hub in the
network. This causes a loop which often leads to strange failures.

You can put two interfaces on one bridge without problems, but one of
these criteria should apply:
- Only one interface is connected to a network at the same time, the
other one is unconnected
- The interfaces are connected to different networks
- The network supports fallback links with managed switches (this
usually only applies for servers) and is set up properly

As an alternative, you could consider routing with two interfaces, this
would never raise such problems, but is harder to achieve.


Am 20.08.2011 15:03, schrieb jim burns:
> Pls cc me, as I am not subscribed.
> I recently purchased a pci-express gigabit ethernet card for my xen laptop, 
> to 
> upgrade the builtin 100Mbps card. Can you put both cards on xenbr0? I kept on 
> getting the error:
> xenbr0: received packet on [eth0,eth1] with own address as source address
> I now have eth0, eth1 bonded, and bond0 is on the bridge. This works fine, so 
> long as I turn off dhcp on everthing but the bridge. I'd like to know if I 
> can 
> simplify this, tho'. (The more software layers, the more points of failure.)
> Thanx.
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