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Re: [Xen-users] Re: preferred XEN dom0 OS

> My problem with CentOS is that CentOS 6 (rather RH6) doesn't have
> native XEN anymore so our upgrade path looks a bit uncertain right
> now.

Upgrade? It's a Dom0, nothing is running on it but VMs correct? AreÂthere features that you need that CentOS5.6 doesn't have? CentOS 5.6 will run CentOS 6 DomU's just fine. It seems that people think they're dead in the water if their Dom0 isn't running the latest OS. The Dom0 runs VMs and manages networks. It really shouldn't be doing more than that IMHO.
> Isn't XenServer built on CentOS as well?
> What *real* benefit will I have in using XENServer instead of CentOS + XEN?
Mainly support. And the fact that it comes as a bundle which should
"just work" when installed on bare metal.

There are other differences as well (e.g. the userland program is
different, "xe" instead of "xm")

And the fact that you're then running a Citrix cloud instead ofÂseparateÂXen hypervisors onÂseparateÂhosts. I'm migrating 60 servers to XCP (or at least doing the study) right now. Virtually everything is different outside of the base Dom0 OS and the Hypervisor. I will be writing up a bunch of new scripts because the xe command begs to be scripted even more than the xm command did. Managing remote logins will be handled by XVP for me.

I don't think webmin/cloudmin will work on XenServer/XCP


Grant McWilliamsÂ
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