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RE: [Xen-users] Help with Citrix XenServer

With XenServer you can start and stop VMs from the command line, but
afaik XenCenter is by far the best way to manage a XenServer.   Just
install XenServer on a box, connect with XenCenter and create your first
VM, it's that easy.  I found it self explainitory.  I'm running about 20
VMs on 1 server with a 'free license' and also a pool of 3 servers with
enterprise licenses with an 10TB iSCSi array from dell/equallogic.  I've
never had to call citrix (knocks on wood).



Russ Purinton

Director, Network Operations

VoIPnet Technologies, Inc.


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It's been forever and a day since I last posted here, mainly because I
haven't touched Xen in a few years now due to job changes... But now
I've been handed a project to work with XenServer, Citrix's commercial
grade Xen.

So, I wanted to ask if there were any people here with experience
using XenServer, XenCenter and so on, or if you knew of a better list
to ask on.  For now, I am evaluating and doing exploratory testing, so
I don't have any support from Citrix.

Mainly, I'm interested in learning how to create and control DomUs
from CLI... I used to have this completely scripted when using Xen on
top of RHEL and SLES, but with XenServer, it's a bit different, more
like using VMWare ESX.  So, any help for me? Or at least any better
places to ask?



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