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Re: [Xen-users] OT: Staging startups for dependent machines

On Thursday, August 25, 2011 11:46:48 AM Simon Hobson wrote:
> It's a bit OT for this list, but I'm sure people here will have dealt with
> it.

Dealt, sort of... Still working on a proper solution actually.

> Does anyone have any suggestions for simple methods of staging
> machine (Linux in my case) startups when there are interdependencies
> ? Eg, most of my servers rely on the DNS, so it would be nice if they
> could wait till the DNS is running before starting - otherwise I end
> up having to log in and either restart them or restart affected
> services.
> Or would it be easier to have a site-wide hosts file with key hosts
> in it, and automatically distribute that ?

If it's just DNS, then yes. But I have a few more dependencies which I'd like 
to resolve, like NFS-shares.

One way I've been thinking of is to delay startup of dependent domU's till the 
"login" text appears in the /var/log/xen-consoles/* logfile for the domU.

I configured different stage-init-scripts per domain to make it easier and 
have the reverse action (shutting down) correct.

For now, boot-up still requires manual work.


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