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[Xen-users] [Project Kronos] XAPI on Debian

Hi All,

I tried again with XAPI on Debian last night and this time things went far smoother... I managed to boot into the Xen kernel, xe is working and the XAPI daemon appears to be running. However, I am having trouble connecting to XAPI from XenCenter... it just says the connection was refused without any meaningful errors and nothing in the logs on either side. 

I can ping the Xen machine from another machine and I've configured the management interface on eth0, but it seems it still can't connect.
When I visit http://xenhost/ in a browser I just get a page not found message but it says it is generated by the Xapi server at the bottom off the page, so it seems to me that the service is running but the XMLRPC application is missing or something like that?

Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?

I've followed this guide but I've only gone down as far as the line "add your main interface as the management interface" because I don't have a spare disk to use as a SR right now.


p.s. this is all from memory so apologies if details are a little sketchy/inaccurate.
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