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[Xen-users] Re: PV DomU kernel warnings

Okay, I've finally managed to remove all warnings from my test DomU
guest domain.  In case some one else is having the same problems that
I experienced here is what was done.

Again, here is my guest domains configuration.

 - 32-bit
 - Linux kernel (included with Xen 4.1.1)
 - raw image format (blktap2:aio)
 - O/S Slackware 13.37

I disabled the following kernel options:
 - Processor type and features ---> Numa Memory Allocation and Scheduler Support
 - Device Drivers ---> Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)
---> Multipath I/O support

I also had to disable udev support in my initrd.

After these changes my domU is booting without any warning messages now.

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