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Re: [Xen-users] Re: PV DomU kernel warnings

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:32:39AM -0500, Christopher Walker wrote:
> Okay, I've finally managed to remove all warnings from my test DomU
> guest domain.  In case some one else is having the same problems that
> I experienced here is what was done.
> Again, here is my guest domains configuration.
> DomU:
>  - 32-bit
>  - Linux kernel (included with Xen 4.1.1)

Xen does not include kernel, and definitely not 2.6.39.
Linux kernels should be built separately these days.

Where did you get that kernel?

>  - raw image format (blktap2:aio)
>  - O/S Slackware 13.37
> I disabled the following kernel options:
>  - Processor type and features ---> Numa Memory Allocation and Scheduler 
> Support
>  - Device Drivers ---> Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM)
> ---> Multipath I/O support
> I also had to disable udev support in my initrd.

You definitely don't need to disable those options. All of my Xen domUs are
using udev, and the stock distro kernels with the default distro kernel configs.

> After these changes my domU is booting without any warning messages now.

You have something weird going on.

-- Pasi

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