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[Xen-users] XCP storage questions


XCP asks me upon install if I want to enable thin provisioning. I
searched the entire web, but all I found was generic info on what thin
provisioning is... I was wondering what this means for XCP, and
whether there may be any reason I wouldn't want to enable it.

The other thing is, I have two disks full of data that I used in a zfs
zpool (basically a sort of software RAID). I would like to pass these
disks through to one of the virtual machines running Solaris or Linux
to manage the data as a fileserver. In vmware this is possible, they
call it raw disk mapping. Can this be done in Xen? Also, should this
impact my choice about thin provisioning?

(Naturally, I'm going to install XCP with these disks disconnected...
XD I am not stupid. At least vmware vSphere would raze them without
question if I left them plugged in during install... And that's
something I'd like to avoid... What I'm worried about is when I'll
plug the disks in and boot my host machine with XCP...)


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