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Re: [Xen-users] XCP storage questions

  From: József Dániel <daniel.jozsef@xxxxxxxxx>
  Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2011 22:58:37 +0200



  [ What is thin provisioning? ]

  The other thing is, I have two disks full of data that I
  used in a zfs zpool (basically a sort of software RAID). I
  would like to pass these disks through to one of the
  virtual machines running Solaris or Linux to manage the
  data as a fileserver. In vmware this is possible, they
  call it raw disk mapping. Can this be done in Xen? Also,
  should this impact my choice about thin provisioning?

Don't know, although I'd like to be able to do the same.

  (Naturally, I'm going to install XCP with these disks
  disconnected...  XD I am not stupid.
Indeed, you are not ^_^.

  At least vmware vSphere would raze them without question
  if I left them plugged in during install...

As will the XCP 1.1 beta, according to the download page:

  Local Storage Spans All Physical Volumes: When EXT local
  storage is used on a host containing multiple physical
  disks, the local Storage Repository (SR) now spans all the
  disks in a single LVM volume group

  And that's something I'd like to avoid... What I'm worried
  about is when I'll plug the disks in and boot my host
  machine with XCP...)

With the XCP 1.1 beta (build 48877) this is safe, it will
leave them unmolested.  Since I'm comfortable enough with
basing this sort of thing on LVM my inital solution has been
to create a LVM Storage Repository on one and then created
as large a VDI on top of it as possible (there's a bit of
overhead).  I connected this to my file server as usual with a
VBD and then used it as a regular (ext3) file system.

- Harold

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