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[Xen-users] No upstreams on domU, but downstream works fine

Hi all,

I asked about this in the ##xen irc channel a few days ago and had some help, but no luck.  The problem is that my dom0 connects fine with WAN, but all domUs  do not always connect to external hosts (though they can communicate in the LAN and with the gateway).   I'll try to post as much relevant information as I can think of and what all I have tried

I disabled all dom0 and domU iptables rules
I disabled tx via on dom0 and domU: ethtool - K eth0 tx off

One of my domU config files (they are all very similar): http://pastie.org/2452333

ipconfig from domU; http://pastie.org/2452343

route from domU: http://pastie.org/2452350

brctl from domU: http://pastie.org/2452375

xm info from dom0: http://pastie.org/2452409

iptables -L from dom0: http://pastie.org/2452416

iptables -L -t nat from dom0: no rules defined

This is how I create my domU instances and logical volumes (xen-create-image): http://pastie.org/2452457

I'm not networking guru, so I really have no idea what else to check.  Any help will be much appreciated!  Thanks.
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