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[Xen-users] New to Xen: safety concerns (Linux Dom0, Windows DomU)

Hi! I'm looking at installing Xen to play around with Windows as well
as Linux, but since it's a somewhat invasive install, figured it'd be
safer to ask some questions first.

I have a Linux box that's running Ubuntu 10.10 happily as a desktop
and router. What I'm trying to do is run Windows on it in addition,
and have Windows have direct access to the nVidia card - which is what
most virtualizers won't do. But above all, I want to keep the Linux
half running. Whatever happens, this is to remain functional as the
router. If Windows has a problem, I need to be able to restart it
without bringing Linux down.

Also, should Xen not work out, I'd like to be able to uninstall it and
return to the clean Linux that's there now. Googling for information
on this last point has turned up a number of people who've had no
trouble, but also a number who did, and I'm not sure if the issues are
self-inflicted, nor if they're only in older versions of Xen.

So, in summary:
1) Is it safe and easy to uninstall Xen, leaving Dom0 as the only OS installed?
2) Can a DomU Windows have full access to the hardware?

Any other pertinent advice gratefully received. Thanks in advance!

Chris Angelico

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